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Trench First ‘World War’ & Lockdown ‘First World’ War

That what we have experienced in the past two years is a form of world warfare is a fact that perhaps will appear sooner or later increasingly clear. It is quite trivial to acknowledge how, after all, since the first measures for the containment of SARS-COV-2 – a strain of coronavirus – there was a war to be declared against something, and the main leaders of the world, along with the information conglomerates, media-technologists, biopolitical potentates have done everything to ensure that it is fought by all means and all the personnel: civilian, medical and military (by now it is worthwhile to distinguish these).

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To Never Forget

As the harsher voices of what has been and has happened in the last two years begin to fade and withdraw, I think it is important to try to keep a clear memory of it all. Personally, perhaps as a consequence of living in a civilized country (UK) where you can spend whole days without talking about COVID, vaccines and even seeing a mask, a certain ghost re-emerges, sometimes in dreams, sometimes in front of you, physical and heavy. It is the ghost of the pandemic…

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A thousand flowers will bloom

Things are about to change: surprisingly, by Italian standards, they are about to change very soon. Something is finally coming to the surface, a sprout, ready to bloom. Something is changing – and only yesterday, on the 21st January, 2022, to cite the desired concreteness, vice-secretary to Health Pierpaolo Sileri, a growingly popular figure, confessed that within a few weeks there will be an important turning point in our lives – and we should return to ‘complete’ normality. Because? Because, of course, the vaccination campaign is a success. Omicron is not as lethal as previously thought – or they thought. We are back on track. And as it was said and repeated, everything will be alright. Unfortunately, this is a fairy tale…

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A great metaphor for a society that has turned upside-down: An arsonist becomes chief of a fire department (real news story)

Here is a weird coincidence, and I’m not sure whether it’s funny or sad. In november I published a article on the “Firefighter Effect” in International Political Anthropology and I argued that this world was actively promoting a reversal of values at global scale (e.g. healing vs killing, protection vs aggression etc.).

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