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Why “fact-checking” is not the solution to fake news but part of the problem

I wish to say a few words about media, truth, and journalism, particularly for those of you who ask yourselves, how was this big lie even possible? Where did it come from?

Now, the modern world was diconnected from truth anyway. What we see now is just a peak of a problem that has existed for centuries. Modernity is the world of disconnectedness from reality. It has been cultivating the seeking of always new realms of experience, why, because the world that we had, the world was given to us, was sees as not good enough. S it had to be improved, or replaced witha better world.

The modern man is fastidious. He thinks deservs better. The reality embracing him, supporting him, nourishing him is not good eough, not cool enough, not developed enough, not comfortable enough, so he set himself in a constant fight against nature and against the world. He found it legitimate to constantly subvert the world and the existing order of things, because he knew that he was better than the world. That attitude was obviously rooted in the Gnostic mindset.

For decades, appearance was being promoted in this world as more precious than truth. Just look at the huge industry of cosmetic surgery, of beauty and make-up, of fashion, look at the huge industry of advertising and political electoral propagada, just look at the huge industry of fake food — of additives for colour and flavor so caled enhancers or stabilisers, — this is just a huge industry of the fake and of untruth.

You’ve lived in this culture of the fake all your life, and your kids have been formatted to believe that this is the right way to live, that this is progress, that this is cool. That was already a big lie, and what you see now is just the ugly, scary offspring of that big lie that was already there. This was a huge process of disconnecting us from reality.

Remember how the US economy — and along with it, the world economy — was disconnected from the reality of the material world, by the termination of the Gold Standard in 1971 when the US dollar was cut off from the reality of the gold. So too the media disconnected itself from truth, because it saw nothing trancendent in truth and nothing sacred whatsoever in this world. Journalists were largely unaware of this duplicity and this hypocritical situation. They were asked to follow some universal principles of journalism (objectivity, accuracy, balance etc.), and they were asked to take these principles at face value. In other words, they were required to adopt these values in a relgious way, as if they were sacred and untouchable, but with no connection to a transcendental word. Now guess what, many journalists started working against these vaues and perhaps against their own consciousness when, in practice, they realised that they could gain money, fame, validation and comfort much easier if they just didn’t follow those classical principles.

This is why they find it so easily today to accept and repeat the lies of their governments. This is why they have so easily forgotten that principle which says that, in a democratic country where the rule of law is at work, the jounalist is entitled to question what authorities say. Journalists saw that they could manipulate truth at will, because it was just fiat truth, in the same way those big financiers manipulate fiat money.

Wht i’m saying is that this big problem that we see tody — where the mainstream media is repeating the official narrative without blinking and without questioning it — this problem is not a new invention. There was fake news before Donald Trump in the US and before Nigel Farage in the UK and before Emmanuel Macron in France and before Jacinda Ardern in New Zealand. There was fake news even in those alternative and underground meda that you’ve been trusting for years.

Obviously, the solution is not fact-checking. Fact-checking is part of the problem of fake news. It is just ridiculous to see that leaders of the fact-checkig so-called movement, blieve and defend the idea that fact-checking can be done as a for-profit enterprise! No, guys. Fact-checking is the duty of any journalist, and censorship has nothing to do with journalism or democracy. Nobody involved in truth telling, can be in a conflict of interest. Once you are in a conflict of interest, once you pack truth in a foil of interest, you start lying.

(Featured image: Photo by Artem Podrez from Pexels.)

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