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An evil regime is conquering the nations. Will you resist? Will you survive?

Just look closer. What you experience now is not a political problem; it’s something that has to do with evil. This is the pure evil that’s conquering the planet. It has happened before in history, but never at such a large scale. Please look closer and recognise that this is a spiritual problem.

Yes, what happens in Australia is horrible and unthinkable. But that’s not limited to Australia; it’s in many countries.

“Resist! United, we will win!” Is that what you think? Do you still believe that motto that modernity was chanting since the French Revolution? Do you still believe that liberal democracies work? Do you still believe in humanity?

I’m sorry to say it, but that’s just an illusion. It’s not enough to be united. Why not? Because this is not between you and your government.

Has your government failed you? Oh, what a surprise! How come you didn’t see it coming? Up until 2020, most people in the civilised world would blindly trust their government. I’m sorry guys, but your governments were already corrupt. Read Udo Ulfkotte or other alternative authors, there are plenty of them. They’ve written so much about that. For years and for decades, the Western world was in a deep, dirty pond of corruption, and the whistleblowers were many.

Your government has failed you, alright. Not only your government, but the whole political system that proudly called itself “democracy” has failed you. You thought that liberal democracy was an excellent system, you thought that it worked bcause it was based on reason and science. It should have worked because it was so smart, right? It was so smartly conceived, right? This whole system is failing you right now, as we speak.

Look around. How was it possible for so many politicians to be bribed? How was it possible for so many doctors to lie? How was it possible for the military and police, who have promised to protect you (who have sworn an oath, actually), to suddenly start fighting against you and to even kill you cold-heartedly? Weren’t they your brothers?

Yes, they are corrupt — most of those who mange the political system, the police, the medical system, the intelligence and the media. Yes, they are corrupt and they failed you. How come you’ve been fooled? Were you living in the Middle East? Were you living in some African our South American country? Were you living in the Balkans? No; you were living in Germany and the Netherlands and Austria and France and all these solid democracies of the Western Europe. You were living in the US and the UK and Australia.

Do you remember how the Dutch government and the German government, just a few years ago, were refusing Romania and Bulgaria full EU membership rights simply because these countries were not considered democratic enough? Do you remember how the West boasted about the “rule of law” and was asking that Eastern Europe should be “closely monitored” in terms of their progress on the roadmap of democracy? What a bunch of hypocrites they were! For look at those governments now, look at what’s been left from the “rule of law” in the good old Europe and in the good old West. Where is your strength, Germany? Where is your greatness, America? Where is your pride, Western Civilisation?

This is not funny. And it’s not like the East has any reason to celebrate. Corruption is just as deep and dirty in Eastern Europe, too, from Russia to my country Romania or Greece. The big lie of the 2020 “medical” crisis has conquered nearly every country in this world.

It’s very sad, indeed, and you’re entitled to ask questions, wherever you are. Accountability is an esential principle of democracy, isn’t it? This is between you and your government, right? This is about a social contract that has been trampled by your corrupt politicians, right?

No, it’s not. Do not be deceived.

If you’re an atheist, you’re most likely with the system anyway, and you don’t even question the grand narrative. But if you have a spiritual connection with the divine, if you feel you have a spiritual connection in your heart, then it is time for you to realise that this is not between you and those politicians that are failing you now.

This is between you and God.

This war is spiritual. Yet, how many priests and pastors have asked for more prayer since 2020? How many religious leaders have called their people to repent and pray and invoke God’s mercy? Some of them did, but not many. Most of them have prayed and asked God for “this pandemic to stop”. This was the politically correct way of praying; this was in tune with the choir of the authorities.

These times are like troubled waters. The evil is running free cross the Earth and he’s conquering nation after nation. However, this is not a time to be afraid and scared. This is a time for repentance and prayer.

Oh, “repentance”? Did I just say “repentance”?

Yes, I did. Do you think the Earth is clean and pristine? Do you think there’s nothing to repent for? Let me tell you a secret. All this evil is at work because it has been cultivated for many years. This evil would have no power on this planet if humans didn’t invite him in The crimes that have been committed here on Earth are many. Murder, arrogance, selfishness, lack of love, lack of respect, lack of understanding, lack of shame, excess of pride, excess of selfishness, wars, injustice, corruption, sorcery, occult practices, dark rituals, and much more. Some of the crimes that are being committed on this planet, in your country, and perhaps even in your city are so hideous that they cannot even be mentioned. Corruption is huge and it’s not limited to the realm of politics.

Do not be fooled. Humankind is not pure. Humankind has been cultivating and inviting evil for many years and has forgotten every side of goodness and virtue that it ever had. How long until you realise this? How long will you keep thinking that you can solve this problem by yourselves just by “being united”?

United in prayer and repentance, yes. This is a time for a change of hearts. This is a time for inner change. This is a time for a spiritual awakening and it’s a grace that we have it.

This is a time to pray God, and say, “Thank You, God, for this painful experiences, for they are a warning from You out of Your infinite mercy, otherwise we’d be sleepwalking into self-destruction. We accept what is happening to us, because we know we deserve it, as the sins of humankind are great. We know that human civilisation has forgotten Your precepts and has sought to exclude You from their plans, pretending that You din’t even exist. We acknowledge that the sins of humankind have accumulated for centuries like a huge mountain of death and putrefaction and stands now like an abomination in front of Your eyes. We ask for forgiveness even though we know that we would be unable to do enough reparations for these sins if all humankind spent the rest of their life in fasting, in prayer and wearing sack cloth. We dare to ask for Your mercy, for we know that Your mercy is as infinite as an ocean, and You only expect our hearts to turn back to You in humility and acknowledgement of our broken and dirty state. Thank You, Lord God and Creator, for listening to our humble prayer. May You be blessed and glorfied in all the hearts on this Earth.”

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