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My message to medical staff these days. This has to do with doing procedures without consent

UPDATE: 23rd February, 2021

A recording was leaked in Germany, apparently showing elderly people being vaccinated against their will in care houses. If this is true, then this constitutes a very serious precedent and shows that humanity has known little progress since WW2.

I think medical practitioners and police find themselves in a very special situation these days. They must face their own consciousness and take a decision in full awareness based on their free will. Below are my thoughts on this.

In case you’re a doctor or a nurse and you have uncertainties concerning your future activities in your profession during these confusing times and, particularly, in case your government has asked you to perform medical procedures without the patient’s consent, please take heed of the following things.

  • Hippocrates. You may have sworn an oath. If you did, try to recall the words, the meanings and the rationale thereof.
  • Violation. Please realise that both a vaccine and a PCR test involve invasive medical procedures. They cannot be compulsory to anyone. You’re sticking things into someone else’s body. This is rape. If your government is asking you to administer such a medical procedure to anyone without their consent, your government is actually asking you to break a moral law. This moral law is deeply inscribed in our humanity; it is universal (you have it, too), and no new ideological trick or invention will be able to abolish it. Think twice before you do anything that you might regret later. One day, you might be judged — if not by God, then by history, by your children, by your grandchildren, by your friends, by your nation, by that humanity you belong to or by your consciousness. And that’s something you cannot undo.
  • Privacy. To perform a PCR test, you’re collecting a DNA sample from someone else’s body. DNA is something very intimately related to the uniqueness of that person. Privacy protection is a principle that is essential to having a healthy and normal life. In the EU, there is a GDPR at work and similar regulations exist in other countries. Do you have your patient’s written consent that they agree to have their personal DNA information collected? Have you even informed them that you’re collecting their personal data? One of the reasons privacy protection has started to be very important in the digital world is money. Personal data has become a very valuable asset that is now being intensely harvested, traded and monetised at levels that surpass our imagination.
  • Genetics. DNA is part of one’s identity. While testing involves collecting DNA information, vaccination may involve deliberate altering of the genetic luggage that a person is carrying in their cells. Some vaccines contain foreign DNA or RNA that is supposed to be injected into one’s body. Altering someone’s biological identity without their consent is a serious act of aggression and there is no moral justification for it. Are you absolutely sure that the vaccine you may be injecting is not going to alter the patient’s genetic structures? Have you studied the matter closely enough? Governments say that mRNA doesn’t get near the nucleous; is there clear evidence that this cannot happen inadvertedly once the mRNA is in the cell?
  • Mongering. You might find yourself in that position when you need to trade your moral values for money. Perhaps you’re providing these days for your family thanks to your job. You might think that you have an excuse. Think better before providing your family with such kind of food, for it may be loaded with injustice. Ask yourself whether or not you’re morally poisoning yourself, your house and your future with food and stuff that you might buy using dirty money. Think whether your family deserves that. Think if it’s really worth it.
  • Ideologies. All this has nothing to do with conspiration theories. A medical procedure performed without the patient’s consent is simply abhorrent. (I’m not talking about treating people under emergency situations. I’m not talking about treating, say, an unconscious victim of an accident, when consent is tacitly assumed; I’m talking of treating a patient who’s in his or her sound mind.) Regardless of other people’s proclivity to conspiring, you have no moral justification for such an act. The Nazis thought they had the right to do it for reasons that had to do with eugenics. Eugenics is a political ideology that legitimises you to do sacrificial acts of medical aggression against some members of your own community for the sake of the common good. The Nazis believed that the common good of their presumed pure race must be pursued by any means necessary including the harming or killing of other people. You know they were wrong. Eugenics is deeply wrong.

I’ve learnt that many doctors and nurses have refused to do it. I think they were very brave.

We live in strange and unusual times. There is lots of confusion, smoke, dust, noise and fog around you. It may be difficult to discern the right thing to do. It may be difficult to see the thin lines that separate good from evil, right from wrong. But you can still use your own head, remember? Just turn off the noise in your mind. Use your own reason. Use your brain.

They may have trained you to put between brackets your feelings, your ideal thinking and your utopias. They may have trained you to always be chill and follow procedures. And now you may feel overwhelmed under lots of stress, conflicting orders, fatigue, fear or anger. Procedures may seem to be the only thing that remain chill and reliable, the only solid reference point. But please remember that procedures that come to you from politicians, statisticians, marketing experts, communication experts or public policy experts instead of medical doctors are likely to have been injected with the poison of corruption.

This is not a joke. This is not funny. These are not things that you can take lightly. Do not be deceived. You’re not a robot. You’re not a piece in the cold mechanism of an algorithmic machine called the State.

You have a heart that beats in your chest.

Use your own heart.

(Photo: DNA by ondasderuido on Flickr)

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