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Refugee crisis: How Europeans took the worst possible decisions (to the best dramatic effect)

Refugees in Hungary, Photo: Freedomhouse

Europe finds itself on the verge of the worst humanitarian disaster since the Holocaust. EU countries bear a direct responsibility for the origin of this crisis — the political, economic, and social chaos that conquered Irak, Syria, Afghanistan, and Lybia — because they have actively supported the American military interventions that irrevocably destabilised the region, …

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‘Go West’ or ‘Go away, West’?

Commedia dell'Arte

We have elections these days in Romania. The country has turned completely upside-down, that’s my feeling. Politicians and journalists alike have lost their sense of humanity.   Accusations, lies, blunt lies, shameless lies, vulgarity, obscenity, hate speech. All for the sake of winning the power to control public money. That’s what money turns us into, …