Journalists live in a media bubble of the ‘global monastery’

The Thankful Poor, 1894. Henry Ossawa Tanner

I was wondering why bad examples propagate so quickly throughout the media, while good examples don’t. Wealthy advice for the poor A ‘news’ story that was published and republished by over 450 media websites in Romania in September 2017 under the appearance of ‘economy news’ quoted Gina Rinehart, one of the richest women in the …


Love poem to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

The Lord is a fountain of Love His Mercy will last forever His Sacred Heart is an attic of treasures For His humble servant and all those who will walk in humility His Mercy will fill the whole Earth.   I find it fascinating the difference between the way we moderns see drama and poetry …

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Refugee crisis: How Europeans took the worst possible decisions (to the best dramatic effect)

Refugees in Hungary, Photo: Freedomhouse

Europe finds itself on the verge of the worst humanitarian disaster since the Holocaust. EU countries bear a direct responsibility for the origin of this crisis — the political, economic, and social chaos that conquered Irak, Syria, Afghanistan, and Lybia — because they have actively supported the American military interventions that irrevocably destabilised the region, …

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Humans are not prepared to conquer other planets, here’s why

Isn’t it beautiful that dream of space exploration? That drive of the human race to reaching other worlds and to colonising them? Isn’t it charged with an ineffable light of wisdom and confidence in the progress-driven fanfare of our civilisation? No, it’s not. Conquering the space now would only replicate the European history of colonising …

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‘Go West’ or ‘Go away, West’?

Commedia dell'Arte

We have elections these days in Romania. The country has turned completely upside-down, that’s my feeling. Politicians and journalists alike have lost their sense of humanity.   Accusations, lies, blunt lies, shameless lies, vulgarity, obscenity, hate speech. All for the sake of winning the power to control public money. That’s what money turns us into, …


The noise revolution

There’s always a radio playing nearby, there’s always a TV turned on, there’s always a screen in front of your eyes and an ad popping up when you least expect it, there’s always information there for you.   No; in fact, there isn’t. Information and knowledge are the last things to be available to you, because …


Exercise number ten

Eroilor Bv, Cluj,by night

Have you not noticed how most people, when they have to walk into a room where there’s music on (say, a pub), they tend to catwalk? They tend to adjust their steps unconsciously to the beat and sometimes they even take the gait of fashion presenters and put on that smart-poker-face of real stage walkers. …