Face mask and "flatten the curve"
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“Flatten the Curve” was flawed reasoning | VIDEO

Here’s a short video I made to explain why the “Flatten the Curve” mantra has led to disastrous effects all over the world.

While the peak is lower in a flattened curve compared to the natural evolution of the number of infected people, the total number of victims is roughly the same or even larger, because the area of the surface drawn by the curve is roughly the same.

Any child can see that the “Flatten the Curve” philosophy prevents an abrupt increase in the number of victims, but it prevents an abrupt decrease, too!

A year later with a curve that was neither flattened nor vanished but just turned into a never-ending fluctuation, with peak after peak, authorities still do not want to accept that the’ve made a big mistake when they chose quarantine as the main weapon to fighting the virus.

The total number of victims is now way higher compared to the total number of victims we would have had should they have allowed the curve to go down at high speed. The disease would have been long gone, but now we see that the virus is still around.

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