There never will be another sunshine like this. Photo & colage by Marius Bența
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Who are the superspreaders of lies and fear

I find it funny (and sad) how often the expression “super spreader” is being used these days. The one who coined the term must have been an expert in marketing and communication, not a medical doctor. The current “pandemic” is being managed by that kind of experts anyway.

The term betrays their obsession with identifying influencers and “super spreaders” of information and opinion. Just as in the case of the “asymptomatic disease”, it is no wonder we haven’t heard this term before 2020 and no wonder we haven’t faced the 2020 type of situation before (or at least not at this scale, for indeed previous situations, such as September 11 or other attacks did ressemble this one, but they were smaller-scale rehearsals of the big scenario that it is unfolding now).

This term is very dangerous indeed, as it is being used with political overtones generally as a legitimation of political abuses, such as imposing medical detention on healthy people (whom they call “asymptomatic patients”), imposing social distancing and masks on everyone (because “any of you might be a super spreader, alright”) or for covering up the adverse effects of vaccination (e.g., “ah, those people died because there must have been a super spreader among them, alright”).

The “super spreader” philosophy is flawed, just like the “flatten the curve” philosophy and like virtually all the measures that all the governments of this world took in amazing synchronicity. It completely disregards the cultivation of natural immunity as a proper and efficient way of preserving health. Penalising the whole classroom for the hypothetical existence of one super spreader among them is nonsensical and, in fact, evil. In this line, you’re supposed to happily jeopardise your natural immunity by wearing a mask (poor breathing, accumulation of bacteria in the mask etc.), by staying at home (no stress-relief walks in nature, no healthy sunshine, no vitamin D etc.) and by doing “social distancing” (no touching, no embracing, no visiting, no caring for your family and friends, sinking into depression, lowering happiness etc.) and thus to increase the risk of your getting sick! The logic of these political measures is flawed, because if you increase the risk of your getting sick, you increase the risk of spreading the disease, too! So you’re not actually “responsible” for others, you’re not “saving lives” by submitting to those idiotic rules, but quite the contrary.

If you deny access to medical treatment to everyone who suffers from any disease other than covid, then you’re helping spread the virus! Why? Because covid deaths always have comorbidities, and if you ignore comorbidities and leave them without treatment, you increase the risk of covid infection in the population! That’s just what most world governments did.

The real “super spreaders” of this toxic waves are themselves, the governments of this world, who have been super spreading unhappiness and terror and have fought a fierce war against natural immunity and against the natural mechanisms of healing that humanity has had since humans have existed.

(Photos and colage by Marius Bența. The text in Polish is from a little graffiti-poster that I saw in Warsaw in 2020 and reads “nigdy nie będzie takiego lata”, which means “there never will be another summer like this”. I took the flower shot a few years ago in a meadow near Cluj.)

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