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Babel at its peak: First time in history that a LIE was told in ALL languages

You had one year, dear Governments, one full year to build those extra hospitals you said you lacked in the spring 2020, which would have spared us these lockdowns. Where are they?

Ah, you’ve been clowning around, indeed, pretending to transform arenas, sports halls, theatres and other venues into emergency hospitals. What a cheap drama that was.

You could have built proper, real hospitals should you have wished so. For that’s how you justified your tyranny: FLATTEN THE CURVE so that we can avoid overcrowded hospitals; stretch a little bit the agony out so that nobody is left without a chance of ER treatment. If you just had more hospitals, no lockdown would have been necessary, right? The curve of the pandemic would have fallen down quickly in two or three weeks, that was your idea back then. Now, one year later, how many new hospitals have you built, dear Governments? Maybe they were too costly to build? But destroying our lives, wasn’t it more costly actually? And all the vaccines you’re buying, aren’t they more costly?

Ah, or maybe you did build them actually? If you did, then can we allow the curve to go up and down naturally, quickly, so that this pandemic be over? For there should be no more reasons to flatten yet-another-curve again.

Dear Governments, wherever you are, you’ve been lying to your people all the time, and you knew it! You’ve failed the people who trusted you. You’ve been lying in English, you’ve been lying in French, you’ve been lying in German, you’ve been lying in Romanian, you’ve been lying in a Babel lot of languages, and for the first time in the history of humankind such a big lie was being told in ALL the languages of the world! That’s something you can really be proud of; that’s progress, indeed!

You’ve failed humanity. You’ve failed universally. For this is truly the greatest evil that Man has ever produced; it is the Universal lie: the trickster is monkeying God and spreading its falsity at a universal level.

Dear Governments, I suspect you don’t even realise how wrong it is what you’re doing. You don’t even realise how seriously you’re trespassing the limits of common sense and humanity. What you’re doing now is you’re completing the Babel Tower, the greatest project of selfishness, pride, and deception. It is the first time a lie is being translated and raised at the level of truth in universality. It’s the first time in human history that a lie is being told everywhere, in perfect “harmony”, syntony or symphony — you name it.

Your congratulate yourselves now because you think your Babel Tower is reaching Heaven kinda, for it is the first time a lie is being inscribed even into that place that so far used to be immune (if I may) to deception techniques: the human cell. You’re hijacking humankind and hacking life itself, and you’re even proud of it.

Yes, that’s what you’re doing using these mRNA technologies: you’re “teaching” some of the human body cells to produce fake viruses (for that’s what the spike protein really is, right? virus-look-alikes) so that they make the other cells believe that they’re being attacked. So you’re teaching the human body to rise against itself using this genetic technology that you treat like it’s software engineering. That’s a subversion of the very principles of life. For no living being has ever had its parts lying to each other, cheating on each other or fighting against each other. And you’re tattooing the “sign” of that evil thing you call Corona not upon people’s skin, but upon the most delicate, tiny and intimate parts of their body: their cells.

Dear Governments, you’ve done enough harm. It’s time you stop your evil deeds.

The Romanian version of this article is here.

(Photo by Marius I. Bența: The Dublin Spire)

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