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mRNA technologies and Trickster’s alchemy

Here’s a question: Does life need tricks to go on its way? Do the cells of your body need to be tricked into producing spike proteins so that your immune system recognise them as the bad guy and wage war against them, all this for the sake of a workout exercise?

Have you ever heard of an organism who spent precious energy and resources to deceive itself? Where on earth have you seen a living being, a plant, or an animal that produces its own simulacra of enemies so that it could fight them? Is there anywhere in the living world a being whose cells disguise themselves and play the role of the enemy just for the sake of a military exercise, just as a matter of self-training? If there are such cases in nature, biologists would better give us some examples, but I’m pretty sure that if such things really exist, they are rather some freaky exceptions, for I for one have never heard of anything like that, as this goes against the very principles of life.

This is exactly what the new mRNA technique, which is being used in these therapies that are being promoted globally in 2021, does to you: it turns your body into a tactical operational field. It recruits some of your cells to work as covert agents, which remain concealed to your immune system. These cells are turned into matrixes that produce little monster fragments, seemingly residual elements — something like dead insect elytra or like fake grenades — which then they spill over your other cells to mobilize and educate your immune system as if it were under attack. However, these elytra are not true residual elements; they are brand new: that’s how they were produced in the first place, to give the impression of rubbish, of little legs of viruses wandering around your blood.

This is an entirely new kind of biological engineering, which looks at the body not as a living body, but as a cybernetic system that can be hacked using genetic mechanisms of programing instructions. The process involves injecting into your body a particular type of information, which one could describe as theatricality, untruth, or role-playing. It teaches your cells to lie to other cells and to trick them into attacking a fake pathogen or, rather, the appearance of a pathogen. The spike protein is a piece of matter that literally re-presents the virus, just as, in the science of semiotics, a signifier takes the place of the signified.

Call me an idealist, but I’d reckon that, if I wanted to educate my cells to produce anything, I’d want to educate them to produce good stuff, not a flood of signifiers that represent bad and destructive stuff. This is like teaching kids at school how to swear so that their parents hear them and teach them discipline at home. What a clever way to educate parents! Or it’s like setting up a garbage-making factory in your neighbourhood, which dumps garbage onto the streets without the knowledge of the authorities only to stimulate and educate the sanitation services of the city. What a clever way to educate authorities! Now, that’s exactly the logic of these new inventions in medicine. This new form of therapy is very clever, indeed, but the problem is that it’s also self-subversive. With a traditional type of vaccine, you’re doing an informational injection of evil to educate your body to become stronger; with mRNA “vaccines”, what you inject is precisely the technology to produce a thing that appears to be evil!

But of course, we must trust science, we must shut up and take the shot, no questions asked, or else we regress into the Middle Ages and all the “modern, educated” people will laughs at us. We don’t want that, do we?

So your genetic baggage won’t be altered (as experts say), because the RNA messenger never enters the nucleus and, moreover, it is to be removed from the body. In addition, the spike proteins will be destroyed, too. That sounds cool. Ok, but what about the cells that have been diverted from their normal mechanism? Do they stay there, wearing that freaky tattoo? Do you carry them with you? For how long? And once they’ve “learned” the new recipe will they continue to spit out spike proteins now and then, spinning around your immune system like in an infection that you’re not sure when, and if, it’s over?

It is obvious that, even if your cells do return to their original state, the situation generated by the mechanism of this therapy can only be described as monstrous, schizoid and pathological, and the type of such pathology can only be described as autoimmune. Such a situation is completely alien to the very principles of life, since in any living system the parts work for the good of the others and the whole and they act in mutual love, truth, and mutual recognition without competition and without cheating on each other.

But what happens when the virus mutates, as it is happening already with all these “new variants”? Will you be required to vaccinate, say, twice a year with a new vaccine and upgrade to the new version? Then what will it be with your cells that have been nicely stamped with the mRNA? Will they stay there so that you will have a choir of cells that will keep singing like a broken record a shrill call-to-war song into the ear of your immune system? Right, but then you’re going to feel so cool when you go out with your programmable fellow cyborgs for a beer and you’re gonna tell them, “Which is your version, dude? You’re only 1.9? That’s so last year! I’m version 2.1!”

All this is, in fact, in line with the self-subversive logic of modernity. It is political alchemy taken to the next level. It is in line with the logic of marketing and contemporary media where truth is no longer a value. It is in line with the WHO principle, which says, we “will have to learn to live with the virus”. It is in line with what doctors often say to their chronically ill patients: you have to learn to live with this disease; you have to be in bed with the enemy; you need to accept you’ll never be the same again; this is your new normal; it’s not that bad after all. And then we see this grand, magnificent, and glorious humanity landing into a chronic, disabled state and finding itself in constant need of prosthetics and medical engineering.

This is also in line with the logic of Realpolitik, which says that some of us must do the dirty work, that we must allow some groups in society to do some dirty jobs, which would be illegal under normal circumstances (e.g. murder, torture, lying, stealing, bribery, etc.) so that things could go well for society as a whole. Then we, the society, close our eyes, bracket out what we see, look away, because the end result that the prospectus has promised should be ok. It is like we need to make a mess here and there so that things could go well and beautifully at the large scale. That is the logic of the trickster, a figure well known to anthropologists. This has noting to do with the logic of life. If an organism needs to be corrupt on the inside so that it may look healthy and appealing on the outside, then something’s wrong; life is never fake.

Now take a look at yourself in the mirror. Are you healthy? Maybe you had a chance to be cured of that disease without a vaccine? Then ask yourself if your healthy body, which has served you your whole life so far according to the principles of life, truth, love and light, needs to be tricked at the molecular level so that its life can go on. Judge for yourself whether your body needs that informational imprint and those schizoid instructions to protect you from a disease you don’t have and which, anyway, has a 98% survival rate (according to most pessimistic estimates) or perhaps a much higher one.

Judge for yourself whether your body needs that informational serum to stamp your cells up using a mold that will turn them into mass producers of the mark of the virus.

Ask yourself if it was genuine and healthy that social engineering experiment conducted at global scale, which has been approved under political pressure, has made use of the guise of a state of emergency to usher the spending of public money with no transparency, has passed laws that suspended the rule of law, has thrown healthy people into medical detention, has denied access to medical care to people who were suffering from cancer, kidney disease, liver disease, and anything but that politically correct illness, and has provided a “20-to-1 return” (if not higher) to the “philantropists” who have invested in it and are now selling it to the whole planet while playing the role of neutral and disinterested pundits.

The 2021 vaccination campaign is a massive alchemical project. To a small number of people who are already extremely wealthy, it literally creates gold out of nothing. To the poor souls who have allowed themselves to be fooled into taking part in it, it operates a very sinister transmutation of life.

(Photo by Kindel Media from Pexels)

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