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Protests are not enough to stop the global tyranny | VIDEO

⁣⁣⁣The world is on the verge of the widest and most cruel dictatorship. This is a transition period. We need to act now, before the system stabilises itself. But protests are not enough. Your government must answer a number of precise questions.

You can read the transcript of this video below.

It’s good that you’re on the streets, asking your government to stop implementing the digital pass system. I’ve seen huge protests everywhere, in Australia, in Italy, in Austria, in Romania, in the Netherlands, in the UK, in so many part of the world. It’s very nice that you’re fighting for your freedom. You’re doing that based on the assumption that the rules of the democratic games are still at play in your country, such as the freedom of expression and the freedom to protest. The way I see things is a bit more nuanced, as I believe that in the current situation, political action has little chances to succeed if it lacks spiritual backup, because this is a spiritual war.

Alright, but political-wise, there may be some things you can do apart from protesting or along with protesting. Why? Because protests come and go. Your voice is being heard on the street, while those in power ho ahead with their plan, and people lose their jobs, and are denied access to food and edical care and housing. The cruelty of these rulers of countries that proudly called themselves strong democracies and saw themseves as the peak of Western civilisation, is simply a disgrace to the human race. This cruelty, that is manifest in the tyrannical laws they impose and the extreme violence of their robocop armies in Australia, Germany, the Netherlands and other hypocritical regimes, is a disgrace to humanity, bcause they do that against their own people, against their brothers and sisters, against their kids, gainst their moms and dads.

Some of the things I’m going to talk about may have been done already in your country, but certainly not all of them and certainly not everywhere.

Now, isn’t it amazing the high degree of synchronisation and similarity in the way the governments of this world have acted since the outset of the 2020 medical crisis? (Forgive me if I hesitate to use such words as pndemic, epidemic or that V-word. You know there is reasonable doubt over the legitimacy of such terms.) Now, speaking of similarity and snchronisation. the wearing of masks, social distancing, lockdowns, online migration, mass vaccination, green certificate — you can see the same pattern being replicated everywhere.

This fact, which is largely overlooked, has only one explanation. It shows that we’re dealing with a unique campaign. They use this kind of campaigns in marketing, when they a product or a servce to sell and a message to communicate, and they build a schedule in stages (i.e., “scenarios”, remember the word? They don’t use it anymore.) There is a supranational coordination of many, if not all, governments of this world. just as they have prtocols they impose politically, it is very likely that there is a set of protocols at work wthin every country among institutions as well as internationally.

No government has admitted that they were following orders all along. The fact that your government has worked hard, in fact, to pretend that the measures they took had stemmed out of their own minds, the fact that they pretended that they had scientific teams of doctors and experts studying the problem and producing solutions, where in fact they all mimicked the same plan and the same solutions, this fact proves how deeply illegal an immoral this coordination is. They sought to hide it.

It would be simply impossible and unconceivable to have identical modes of tackling the problem, of implementing sanitary measures, of communicating numbers, of deploying advertising campaigns in countries that have very different cultures, governance systems and genetic profiles, from the Americas, Asia, Africa or Europe. Cultures are different. the way we act is diffrent, the way we react to problems is different and the culture of political governance is diffrent from one country to the other. It is simply unconceivable for the governments of such countries as France, Australia, Ukraine, Mexico or Tunisia to take exactly the same measures at the same time and to have the same discourse, that is, a monological discourse. Yes, there were little differencs here and there, but overall, the planet has reacted like a global echo chamber to this crisis.

This echo chamber could not have been built itself spontaneously. It could not have emerged out of the blue. What this synchronisation and similarity of pattens shows is omething very simple in organisational terms: it means that there must exist a number of protocols among the important institutions in your country — health care providers, health insurance institutions, government departments, intelligence services, police, the military, financial institutions, the media, regional or local authorities, you name them. It is very likely that such protocols have been signed and implemented in every contry. If we didn’t hear about that, it either means they do not exist, or that they are secret. now, we already know that secrecy already covers the contracts that states have signed with medicine providers. We already know that the rule of secrecy covers such meetings between private and governance entities, such as those of the World Economic Forum in Davos or the relation between World Health Organisation and its private sponsors. Secrecy nourishes suspiction. And just as your government is activey implementing a wide surveillance network, treating every citizen with suspicion, you, citizen, are entitled to be suspicious of your government, every time they disregard transparency and accountability.

If such protocols exist, then your government has probably acted against the best interests of your nation and has probably disregarded the sovereignty of your nation.

What you can do right now, or what you can still do, is to ask your government to declassify these protcols, and first, you need to ask them whether such protocols exist or not. they cannot deny it, in case they do exist.

This corona problem is obviously a politically coordinated action. there are suspicions related to the interests at play here. any scentists who publises a study will have a declaratiion of interests published at the top of their paper. Just check this with any medical scientifc journal. Any politician who becomes a principal or an authority figure, will be asked for a clearance of his or her interests. Ask every one who speaks publicly on this matter to produce a declaration of interests. ask your government officials, your doctors, your journalists and your scientists for their declaration of interests. Ask them to publish their declaration of interests. are you interested or disinterested in this matter? it’s a simple question. are you gaining anything out of this? have you signed any contract that requires you to promote this particular medication?

What I’m saying is that yes, it’s nice to be on the streets and tell you governments and your parliaments and your kings and your presidents, “We don’t want the green pass! We want our freedooms back!” If you only do that, you’re basically telling your government, “Be corrupt, that’s ok, I dont care, but just give me my freedom back.” Corruption is a disease of society. If you are here today, on the verge of a tyranny that you did not imagine two years ago, it’s because of a wide and endemic coruption in your country, which was already there two years ago and ten years ago and twenty years ago. yes, corruption was already there, in Western countries, too, in those liberal democracies that boasted about thir “solid democratic tradition”. All the more so there, in fact. You can see now how hypocritical they were all along.

Nearly two years have passed since the onsetof this crisis, andmany countries have plunged into tyranny, while others are mrching towards it at fll speed. Two yars is a long time, and this means it may already b too late to do somthing about this madness. There is a clear road map and I’m not sure whether the world has crossed that point of no return. It took about four yeas in Romania for Communism to be implemented. Thus, it took about four years for people to fully realize that they lived in a totalitarian system. We are there now. We are in that state of transition, where many people still refuse to accept what’s really going on. So maybe it’s still possible to do something agains this evil monster that’s conquering the world. My opinion is a bit more nuanced, in the sense that I don’t believe that politcal actions, revolt and fighting is enough to succeed, but I’ll talk about that on a different occasion. Rght now I wish to focus on a number of political actions that may still be feasible. The system is in a liminal stage now, it’s in transition. Once the conquest is over and the system stabilises itself, it’s going to be nearly impossible to overthrow it by politiica means, no matter how united you are guys, o matter how courageous you are. The technology that’s available now and the level of sophisticaion that’s been developed in manipulation is outstanding and makes any dictatorship virtually imppossible to defeat.

So here is a number of other things that maybe you can still do.

  • Ask them to declassify the contracts they have signed with the providers of these new medical treatments. In schools and universities in your countres, they still teach your students the basic principles of democracy. read any textbook on political science, democracy or sociology. you’ll see many beautiful words there about governance and democracy, such as transparency or accountability. now ask your government to declassify the contracts. If they refuse, it means that they are coercing you to sign a contract for medical treatment and you’re not given the chance to reading that contract. They are coercing you to enter blindly into a commercial binding that you know nothing about. if they refuse, ask for a reason. Maybe it is reasonable to keep them secret. If such is the case, the only reason I can imagine is that international pressure has been used or perhaps even threats have been formulated against your nation by those entities that are more powerful than your government.
  • If there is still independent justice in your country, then ask magistrates to start investigating the flow of money in the health system during 2020 and 2021. Ask magistrates to investigate if figures have been reported truthfully and accurately from hospitals to central authorities and to the media.
  • Ask for independent studies on the substances they are injecting people with. Ask your government to provide a number of vials — at least ten — to be examined by independent microbiology teams.
  • Based on freedom of informtion acts in your country, ask your government to provide information about public funds being used to promote vax campaign through the media — which outlets have received money from your government, and how much.
  • Ask your government to disclose the sums of money they’ve spent to promote this campaign via other institutions or organisations.
  • Concerning this “green pass” (I’d rather call it the “black pass”, for it marks the beginning of the darkest chapter in human history), ask your government to show scientific proof for this discrimination that they operate in society, that is, proof that vaccinated people do not transmit the disease. ask them to provide scietific poof that unvaccinated asymptomatic people do transmit. If they canot provide this proof, then this discrimination has no scientific basis. It’s pure apartheid.
  • Ask your government for proofs and scientific figures on the risks of adverse and side effects. They keep telling you such effects are “rare”. Well, how rare? “Rare” is just a word it does’t communicate anything scientifically. If vaccine effects are closely monitored, as they claim, they must have some figures by now, becaus it’s nearly a year since the rollout has begun. Which are the side effects and their correspondig exact figures? Science is based on data, isn’t it?
  • Ask your government to show you proofs and documents from the producers that the research, development and production of these mRNA therapies did not require the sacrifice of a human foetus. Ask the companies, too. Did they use fetal cells in any stage of research, testing, development and production of these new therapies? Yes or no?

It is a principle of democracy that every time there is suspicion, questions need to be asked, answers must be provided, and investigations must take place.

If your government is not willing to provide answers to these questions, it means they are not serving their people, and that they are serving someone else. They are serving another power. Maybe you will find answers to these questions. Maybe not. But at least this will help us all understand who’s that power that our governments have started obeying all of a sudden in 2020 A.D.

As I said, the people — or as they call it “the civil society” has been pretty slow at responding properly to the dictatorial tendency of many governments. There is little tim, and these evil, hypocritical and reckless people are obviously in a rush to implement a clear agenda of tyranny. At least if we realise what kind of conflict, what kind of warfare we have do deal with here, it’s a win.

God bless you all, guys. Be strong.

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